Empowering our community,

one person at time.

Founder, Barbara Tom (right)
with a graduate of our Adult Ed program

The Waipahu Safe Haven began as a computer access center for the youth and adults in Waipahu; it was also a site to help train and develop women’s sewing skills so that they would be able to use their skills and as a source of income. The center’s mission has since expanded to include a focus on improving the success of the community and helping individuals and families out of poverty.

Currently, the center provides services to a variety of migrant and immigrant populations, including Samoan and Filipino, but the majority are Marshallese and Chuukese families. By expanding access to needed services in a culturally sensitive way and providing free language interpretation as much as possible for health, housing, jobs, and education, we hope to impact the success of the community.

A unique aspect of the center is our Chuukese and Marshallese steering committees which meet weekly to discuss different areas of need, how to navigate challenges, and build support for one another in their respective communities.

With the help of our partners and our community, Safe Haven will continue to empower individuals and provide resources and services for English Language Learners and their families.

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